About us
Negele Sele Frommelt & Partner provides trust services, independent asset management, investment advisory and Family Office Services to complement the range of advisory services offered by Sele Frommelt & Partner Attorneys at Law.

Through the development of an independent client advisory service since 1988, the independent service providers of Negele Sele Frommelt & Partner, that is to say NSF Services Trust reg., NSF Trust Management Trust reg. and NSF Wealth Management Trust reg., have acquired extensive, wide ranging expertise in corporate, trust, asset management and investment advisory. 

The successful collaboration of Negele Sele Frommelt & Partner and the associated law firm, Sele Frommelt & Partner Attorneys at Law, as a single business unit provides the perfect basis for an effective, high calibre service geared to our clients’ needs. We invest in training and further education opportunities for our staff and in first-rate infrastructure and high priority is given to team-oriented communication and working procedures.